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End of Summer in Cape Town: A Photostory

Cape Town is a place bursting at its seams with a vibrant mix of cultures. It has an amazing scene for culinary, nightlife, arts and adventure. It's affectionately called the ‘Mother City’-- a seaside city inspired by natural wonders; a place where you won't break the bank drinking amazing wines, seeing the Big 5 on a Safari, exploring local markets, tasting local delicacies, experiencing world class art, and dancing the night away.

It's a great city for the self proclaimed history buff, culture junkie, thrill seeker, sun chaser, fitness enthusiast, and foodie. If you've never been to Africa before, this is the best place to start. It’s the kind of place you'll come back to many times in your life.

It was once a place only the most experienced and 'adventurous' traveler would go due to its storied history of dark days (colonization and most recently Apartheid) and also those of great triumph. This history is so rich it cannot be erased, and to this day, you can still see the remnants of its dark past.

On the bright side, since Apartheid ended in the early 1990's, the South African economy has been booming. It is one of few democratic countries on the continent, which hosts major social-economic progressions and a huge amount of investment providing an incredibly vibrant and versatile tourist industry.

Although, Cape Town's colonial past lends to its strong Dutch, British, and Indian influence, the heart and soul of Cape Town are the native Africans, most importantly the Xhosa and Coloured peoples of that region.

South Africa has eleven official languages, so it is very common to hear Xhosa, English, Afrikaans, Zulu, and other languages around you. Despite some negative press, South Africa is probably one of the safest destinations for foreigners to visit in Africa.

These photos taken by esteemed Detroit photographer Justin Milhouse can stand alone; they inspire, captivate, and leave you ready to hop the next flight out of town.

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